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Happy Holidays!


All of us at Krause want to extend a big thank you for not only this past year, but also for the 19 years we have been in the industry. We could not have done it without you and appreciate your support and partnership!


Our focus remains on a design philosophy centered around the creation of uniquely branded designs inspired by each client’s culture and history, with an approach that combines technology with the natural environment and a strong integration of architecture, art and landscape.


We have had a busy year at Krause and look forward to similar activity in 2015. Some of the more noteworthy projects included:


·        PSCU – Detroit, MI and St Petersburg, FL – 225,000 SF

·        Scottsdale Insurance Company – 300,000 SF

·        Tiffany & Bosco – 45,000 SF

·        Dickinson Wright – 42,000 SF

·        Moss Adams - 20,000 SF

·        Matrix Medical Network – Scottsdale and Clearwater FL – 65,000 SF


·        Our Philanthropic project of the year was to donate over 300 hours of our time to the Assistance League Gift Shop at 7th and Glendale. We would like to thank many of you who also donated time and materials! The Assistance League provides clothing and books to underprivileged children.


Last but not least, welcome newborns

Mr. Joey Consentino and Ms. Presley Hoyt!

Best wishes for very a happy and safe holiday!

We look forward to working with you in the very near future.



Please enjoy our holiday card by clicking below.

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