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The American Society of Interior Designers (ASID). A community of designers, industry representatives, educators and students — committed to interior design in a wide variety of environments including, but not limited to: residential, commercial, hospitality, retail, and public facilities.

Nationwide, 28,000 Interior Designers engage in a variety of professional programs and activities through a network of 48 chapters throughout the United States and Canada. 


Design Excellence Awards - 2016


40th Annual Arizona North Chapter of ASID

Design Excellence Awards Gala.

Entries were judged by out-of-state ASID designers on the basis of scale and proportion, color and composition, design creativity, function, solutions appropriate to the design criteria, and materials. 

ASID honored us with TWO awards during the gala. 

Ipro Tech - 1st place:

Business Office Space over 5,000 SF

Recruitment, retention and collaboration with talented individuals was the focus for this tech company’s newly designed headquarters. The design promotes and cultivates creativity and innovation while embracing flexibility. “The Church", a large free standing collaboration area, anchors the open area while the “Red Light District” provides intimate meeting spaces.

Ipro Tech ASID

To transform and create a work environment that is collaborative, innovative and stimulating. The overall design runs parallel with the new corporate objectives and values.  We exposed the buildings raw structure of an old warehouse by embracing the block walls, old wood beams and metal trusses. Windows were added to bring natural light throughout the open office. The old truck dock was a perfect location for the breakroom and the upper mezzanine was repurposed into a game room and bar. Flexible work zones (Hives, huddle rooms, social hubs, and private phone rooms) were created to accommodate employee workstyles.

Check out our behind the scenes shoot of Ipro Tech: HERE

Vincent Benjamin - won 3rd place:

Singular Office Space

As a successful recruiting and placement firm, they stress the importance of first impressions. Inviting wood tones, crisp professional details, and transparently revealing glass creates an environment of comfort. Natural light throughout disguises the subtle divisions of public and private space. Unique materials and light fixtures express a level of playfulness, while maintaining professionalism. 

Vincent Benjamin

As a company, they have built a reputation of connecting “amazing people to amazing opportunities”. They believe this same amazingness should be reflected throughout their national firm, with a cohesive design that attracts the people and business they aspire to maintain. Our objective was to design an office space in line with their newly acquired company standards, portray their company image through refined details, all while creating an inviting and comfortable workplace environment.

Award Show Photos

ASID Award photos

Thank you to ASID and all the judges for these awesome awards!

And thank you for visiting!!

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